Botanical Sea Salt and Spearmint Toothpaste

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Ayurvedic proprietary medicine

Our modern and fresh take on a traditional, natural toothpaste helps improve gum health, freshen breath and reduce plaque buildup. Sea salt and spearmint work together to deeply cleanse the mouth, leaving you with a vibrant, refreshing after-taste. n-HA in our toothpaste helps protect teeth from decay and promotes remineralisation. 


  • Improves gum health
  • Freshens breath
  • Reduce plaque buildup
  • Protects from decay
Net Content: 25 gms / 100 gms


Just like your regular toothpaste! Squeeze a pea-sized amount of our botanical toothpaste onto your toothbrush and brush for 1-2 minutes, twice daily.


Our modern and fresh take on a traditional, natural toothpaste helps improve gum health, freshen breath and reduce plaque buildup. Sea salt and spearmint work together to deeply cleanse the mouth, leaving you with a vibrant, refreshing after-taste. One of the very few chemical-free formulations available today, our Botanical Sea Salt & Spearmint toothpaste follows ancient Ayurvedic principles and is made with ingredients that have been carefully tested in our labs for efficacy and safety. This herbal toothpaste is suitable for sensitive teeth, or even if you’re simply looking for an invigorating alternative in your oral health routine.


We were born in the era of toothpastes, but stories from the family elders about using natural ingredients such as salt or even ash, always sounded intriguing. As we researched substitutions to standard, fluoride-based toothpastes, we felt more and more drawn to the natural, age-old formulations updated with modern scientific discoveries and research for efficacy and safety.

We learned how sea salt has natural cleansing properties, and when combined with other botanicals and flavourful spearmint, it works wonders to care for and protect the teeth. We also discovered how hydroxyapatite is the latest scientific discovery in dental care that helps protect the teeth from cavities and helps in reminersalisation. That's how we developed this fluoride free natural toothpaste which seems like the perfect concoction for a refreshing start to your mornings!


Fluoride, Sugar, SLS

Customer Reviews

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Sandesh Nair
Really good toothpaste I feel the metal tube casing is good

It's truly a fantastic product the metal casing is good

Mohit Makhija
Good product, vintage packaging

The toothpaste is sugar free, so don’t expect a sweet aftertaste. The packaging can be improved as the tube feels like 90’s product. Can improve the primary packaging to a mode modern one.

Its good,

Its good, serves the purpose. But its not long lasting as it claims. I'm not sure if at this cost the formulation should have been average.

Ramya Vijaya
Love Birdsong products in general and this toothpaste particularly

Very refreshing without the artificial feel. Love the packaging. Always look for non-plastic options and this is perfect.

Isha aggarwal

It is a gud tooth paste , and basically I took for it’s non plastic packaging, And I’m giving 3stars jus for its price otherwise it is indeed a good toothpaste

Botanical Sea Salt & Spearmint Toothpaste: a toothpaste without fluoride for minty fresh mornings

There are plenty of toothpaste brands in India that make promises of fresher breath and whiter teeth. But what you don’t know is how many harmful, synthetic chemicals are at play in those products. Tired of seeing the standard formulations in the market, we decided to create a fluoride-free, sugar-free toothpaste alternative. Thus our Botanical Sea Salt and Spearmint Toothpaste was born.

It combines the incredible cleansing and refreshing properties of natural sea salt and spearmint, to give you a fresh start to every day. The sea salt crystals reduce plaque buildup and improve gum health, whereas the organic spearmint cleanses and leaves behind a minty flavour for day-long freshness. It is also an excellent toothpaste for whitening too as the natural formulation helps to reduce staining to try and return your teeth to their natural colour.

This is a great toothpaste for sensitive teeth, but it can be used by everyone everyday! We didn’t want to just stop at making a toothpaste without fluoride and added sugar. It had to be a product that was healthy for the planet too. So, we made sure our toothpaste tube is made entirely of aluminium, a completely recyclable material, so you needn’t worry about single-use plastics in your daily regimen.

Try our Botanical Sea Salt and Spearmint Toothpaste and we’re sure you won’t switch back to the old stuff!