Did you know that over 95% of our day is controlled by our subconscious mind? How we speak to ourselves can have a profound impact on this part of our thoughts. If our words to self are always negative and harsh, the subconscious mind will begin to reflect those in your moods and behaviours every day. Whereas if you speak to yourself with kind, encouraging words, it can change how you approach your goals, your day-to-day lifestyle and your overall sense of self worth. 

Positive affirmations are a great tool to help redirect the way you speak to yourself. By using simple, well-worded statements, you can condition your mind into feeling powerful, positive and supported. 

But it can be confusing on how to start. Here are a few easy positive affirmations you can try:

Affirmations for positivity: 

  • My life if full of potential and I am inspired by all things around me. 
  • I treat myself kindly and with compassion. 
  • I appreciate the things I have in life and am grateful for the opportunities I have been given. 

Affirmations for self love:

  • I love myself fully, and I am at peace with who I am.
  • I deserve peace and joy, and I am allowed to take care of myself. 
  • I AM good enough. 

Affirmations for success:

  • I am immensely capable and there are no limits to what I can achieve. 
  • I have everything I need to succeed. 
  • My voice and my ideas are important and valuable. 

Affirmations for habit building:

  • I define who I am, I decide what I do, and I control how I want to live my life. 
  • I abandon my old habits and embrace new ones. 
  • I am strong, I am capable, and I can change what I don’t like.

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August 01, 2022