Over the course of our journeys and many discoveries, we found not just classical traditions, but how plants and their oils (both wild and cultivated) have played a critical role in providing medicinal and wellness remedies. The rich knowledge of the ethnomedicinal flora in other parts of India is handed down generationally in local indigenous communities to treat everyday ailments.

Aromatherapy has a deep-rooted history in many cultures of the world. Our Indian ancestors used oils from tulsi, neem and mogra; in other parts of the world, relaxation spa oils were extracted from the naturally occurring flora around. Each essential oil was used for its unique healing or soothing properties and the traditions were passed down through generations. In today’s hectic times, we wanted to bring you the same solutions that we inherited to keep stress at bay with our pain relief products.

That's how our best pain relief oils and stress relief oil were born, with nothing else but the goodness of nature.

The soothing sensation of a relaxing massage, combined with the heady concoction of essential oils is the perfect antidote to strained, aching muscles and for pain relief on knees and joints. To bring home that same feeling of relaxation and pain relief, we designed our all-natural Pain Relief Oil, blended in a classically Ayurvedic way.

On our journeys, we’ve often found that a nap enjoyed amidst nature is one of the best ways to relax. But since we can’t have that every day, we developed the next best thing - a soothing relaxation oil blend, infused with the goodness of lavender, ylang-ylang, and vetiver. Available as a roll-on applicator, our relaxation aroma oil blend will help you wind down and relax, transporting you to the lap of nature for a restful, tranquil sleep.

Stay tuned while we unearth many such natural remedies for you!

We went far and wide in search of ancient remedies and wellness practices rooted in the traditions and cultures of India. Over the course of our journeys and many discoveries, we found hidden secrets, magical potions, and age-old practices that heal, nurture and nourish even today. With an idea of making these practices more accessible and enjoyable for the modern world, Birdsong Life was born. All the products we make are inspired by traditional remedies that have been reformulated, without comprising on the original essence, to suit the tastes of a young and modern India.

Our range of products include several, natural formulations designed to be used in everyday life. We have:

1. The Botanical and Sea Salt Toothpaste - a refreshing toothpaste for sensitive teeth, but one that can be used by everyone. Our toothpaste tube is made with aluminium, which is entirely recyclable, and our ingredients are carefully chosen to avoid harmful chemicals that can damage the gums and enamel.

2. Oil Pulling Organic Solutions - Oil pulling with coconut oil is an ancient holistic practice which involves swishing an organic oil in your mouth before you begin the day. This helps draw out toxins, freshens the breath and cleans your teeth too. When you use our solutions to do oil pulling for teeth and gums health, you are sure to see a difference in your overall oral hygiene. Our oil pulling mouthwash is also available in sachet form so you can always carry some along wherever you go.

3. Rice Water Hair Mask - This is a wonderful hair mask for dry, damaged hair. You can also use it as a regular deep conditioning treatment to improve hair quality. This hair mask for frizzy hair helps soften your locks and give a smoother look. You can also use this hair mask for dandruff treatment, as it deeply nourishes the scalp and treat flakes and dryness.

4. Pain Relief Oil - Our pain relief oil blend is made with all natural herbs and essential oils to aid muscle pain relief. This pain relief oil roll on comes in an easy-application bottle so you can apply it directly onto the affected area and relax, allowing the pain relief oil to seep deep into your muscles and provide relief.

We have many more products based on natural remedies coming soon. Stay tuned!We have many more products based on natural remedies coming soon. Stay tuned!

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