We marry tradition with science. Ancient remedies with modern convenience. Nature with wellbeing. Our products are designed to help our customers enjoy a life of natural well being.

Welcome to the Birdsong Life

Welcome to a life of joy, of wellness, of calm. A life designed to celebrate nature and prioritise mindfulness. A life filled with products and practices that help you return to yourself. Through natural remedies and age-old traditions, join us as we reinvent ancient wellness for a modern world.

From the people
From the people
I bought the Birdsong hair mask recently and it just smelt great and my hair which is prone to be rough has consistently felt soft after every wash - this mask is going to be a permanent feature in my routine going forward.
— Lakshmi Sethuraman
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From the people
I tried oil pulling for the first time with Birdsong's sachets and found it very refreshing, effective and convenient. Now it's the fresh kickstart to the morning that I can't do without everyday!
— Hariprasad Shetty
From the people
Birdsong's pain relief oil gave instant relief to my neck and shoulder pain that I have been suffering from for some time. I love the smell and so I had no issues applying it and being out and about. Also, the roll on bottle is very easy to apply and convenient to carry along with me anywhere.
— Harish K
From the people
The spearmint and sea salt toothpaste was truly refreshing in its taste and I couldn't believe that this was an Ayurvedic toothpaste! Left my teeth and mouth feeling very clean and fresh. Especially since I have sensitive teeth and gums, this was gentle and effective.
— Vineeta Menon

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Our Promise

We are aware of the impact consumer products can have on the environment and so we strive every day to use as much sustainable material as possible. We have tried to completely do away with single-use plastic by opting for aluminum, eco-friendly corrugated boxes and glass as our primary packaging materials.

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