We marry tradition with science

Ancient remedies with modern convenience

Nature with wellbeing

Our products are designed to help you enjoy a life of natural well being.

Welcome to the Birdsong Life

Welcome to a life of joy, of wellness, of calm. A life designed to celebrate nature and prioritise mindfulness. A life filled with products and practices that help you return to yourself. Through natural remedies and age-old traditions, join us as we reinvent ancient wellness for a modern world.

In the lost stories from far away

We travelled far, searching the heights and hearts of many cultures and knowledge forms to rediscover ancient, natural health remedies that would soon be lost to newer generations.

Our Promise

We are aware of the impact consumer products can have on the environment and so we strive every day to use as much sustainable material as possible. We have tried to completely do away with single-use plastic by opting for aluminum, eco-friendly corrugated boxes and glass as our primary packaging materials.