Organic Rosemary Oil

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Cold pressed, organic oil


  • Stimulates hair growth

  • Strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair breakage

  • Helps to control dandruff and soothe itchy scalp

  • Mood lifting and promotes a sense of calm

Lasts upto 20 days
Net Content: 15 ml

How to use?

As it's an essential oil, it's important to dilute Rosemary oil by mixing it with a carrier oil and then apply to the scalp/skin. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse out with a shampoo or soap. Advisable to do a patch test 48 hours prior.

Why Rosemary Oil ?

A versatile essential oil with broad applicability for skin and hair health and at the same time also can be used to promote mental wellbeing, Rosemary oil has been researched to prove that it can protect hair from damage, breakage and reduce hair loss while also stimulating hair growth.


Traditionally used in Aromatherapy for reducing stress, promoting clarity and focus, Rosemary Oil also promotes hair growth stimulation which ahs been proven scientifically more recently. We decided to bring out our premium Organic Rosemary Essential oil in pure and undiluted form for maximum therapeutic benefits for hair, face and skin


Artificial colours, chemicals or fragrances

Customer Reviews

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Ramya Vijaya
excellent quality, feels very pure and

Have been trying the new bath rituals products. loving them all. The Rosemay oil feels so pure, with a subtle fragrance.