We travelled far, searching the heights and hearts of many cultures and knowledge forms to rediscover ancient, natural health remedies that would soon be lost to newer generations. It is our aim, through Birdsong, to keep these traditional Indian remedies alive and share the stories behind them for the health and wellbeing of the modern world.

Our solutions were born from the idea of what would bring people closer to health and happiness. More than anything else, we focused on how our products would make our customers feel joy, relief, calm, peace, stillness, and energy to create a life of natural well being.

Birdsong was created with the founders’ inter-generational knowledge of traditional wellness practices, expertise in formulations, decades of understanding of consumer products, and experience in creating impact and social value.


Birdsong is a for-profit social venture, working actively towards making a contribution and difference to people as well as the planet. Providing consumers with the best of natural and luxury wellness solutions, enabling fair-trade sourcing, reducing single-use plastic and generating meaningful employment for marginalized women are the core values that our brand is firmly rooted in.

We marry tradition with science. Ancient remedies with modern convenience. Nature with wellbeing.

We also very strongly believe that the community should be an equal partner in our growth and we as a company are dedicated to creating social value.

Together, we have created a predominantly woman - centrice sourcing, manufacturing and packaging supply chain - close to 75% of our processes are run by women at Birdsong. We have consciously chosen to engage with weaver cooperatives and communities for product manufacturing and non profit organisations for some of our packaging, with a goal to generate meaningful livelihoods for marginalised women.


Identifying nourishing and healing botanical extracts from classical, indigenous and contemporary knowledge sources, we developed our innovative formulations with researchers in a GMP certified laboratory. At Birdsong, we have been very determined that our wellness solutions are grounded in science and research keeping in mind quality, safety and efficacy.


We are aware of the impact consumer products can have on the environment and so we strive every day to use as much sustainable material as possible. We have tried to completely do away with single-use plastic by opting for aluminum, eco-friendly corrugated boxes and glass as our primary packaging materials.

Some of our ingredients are sourced from fair trade organisations that offer both a fair price to the farmers and weavers and also have ethical and sustainable sourcing practices.

So, the vision of Birdsong is to create two-fold value – one for our customers in terms of health and luxury wellness and the other through social value for the community in terms of empowerment by means of fulfilling livelihoods and a more equitable distribution of wealth. And we pledge to keep this promise to the people and our planet.