Fermented Rice Water Hair Mask

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Rebalances hair life cycle

Infuse your locks with new life with our fermented rice water hair mask, an organic elixir, which will deeply nourish the hair to restore its natural vitality and shine.


  • Improves hair and scalp health
  • Controls hair fall and dandruff
  • Makes hair stronger and softer
Net Content: 200 gms

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• Wash your hair as you would normally with shampoo.
• Take a coin-sized amount and apply on the scalp and roots of the hair.
• Gently rub a little along the length of the hair too.
• Leave on for at least half an hour and wash it out thoroughly.
• (Works even better if you wrap your hair with a warm towel after application!)


We dove into the secrets of an ancient tribe and they opened us up to a world of magic, hidden deep within their forests. Inspired by the traditions of Manipur’s Meitei Tribe, our fermented rice water hair mask is an organic elixir, which will infuse your locks with new life. Made using medicinal, plant-based ingredients only, this traditional hair treatment gently cleans the scalp without drying it out and deeply nourishes the hair to restore its natural vitality and shine. We recommend using it twice a week for healthy scalp and hair, reduced frizz and stronger and softer hair.


Hours spent pouring over lost books in libraries led us to the discovery of remedies and potions from all across the country. And there, we came across a wonderful little secret that came from the heartland of Manipur. Locally known as Chengi, this hair mask for hair fall is made using a variety of natural herbs and plants, mixed together with the milk of rice.

The womenfolk of the Meitei tribe are known for their long, thick hair and it's no wonder why. We took this long held tradition of home-brewing a hair mask with rice water from the abundantly available natural resources and carefully recreated it without losing the essence of its homeland.


SLS, Parabens or Mineral Oils

Customer Reviews

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Amazing product

I have been using this hair mask for a while now and I have noticed so much improvement in the texture of my hair. Its so soft and hair fall is also controlled. Thank you!


I am so glad I came across this amazing product. Makes my hair soft , shiny and healthy. It’s difficult to find such authentic and genuine products.


Such a good product. It makes your hair

Smita Dhar
Not at all impressed

Ordered the rice water mask after reading the reviews. Have used it a few times now.. either am using it wrong But whenever I use it my hair feels so weighed down and oily. I am yet to take to it and sadly not happy with the product!

Hi Smita,

Very sorry to hear that the hair mask did not work for you. If your hair is not very thick, then it is advisable that you use a small amount of the product on the hair only and not the scalp.

We would be happy to answer any further queries you may have on the hair mask. Please reach out to us on info@thebirdsonglife.com

Team Birdsong

saakshi singh
Hair Rebalance Treatment

It completely justify its statement of Rebalances hair life cycle, my hair feels so manageable, nourished & soft .
The fragrance is divine

Thumbs up Birdsonglife team

Fermented Rice Water Hair Mask - for all hair types

One of the most common complaints we hear is about how much damage pollution, smoke, weather and hard water is causing to hair. Whether it is struggles with dandruff, drying ends, dandruff on the scalp or unruly hair - almost everyone seems to have hair woes. As a solution to all these problems, we developed a hair mask recipe that is designed to suit all hair types and can help combat several different hair troubles. Fermented rice water is used to make a traditional hair mask known as Chengi, by an indigenous tribe in Manipur. After carefully studying their haircare practices, we used the same formulation of fermented rice water and other medicinal herbs to develop this enriching hair mask for silky smooth hair. It is suitable for most hair types and has numerous benefits for several problems.

It’s a nourishing hair mask for dry, damaged hair

The fermented rice water formulation softens the hair, and deep conditions it from within. Any damage caused to the hair shaft and hair follicle is slowly altered and after a few uses, your hair will feel lush and healthy once again!

It’s the perfect hair mask for curly hair

The paraben and SLS-free formula is designed keeping in mind all the curly-haired girls! Apply it after a shampoo and leave it on for 30 mins before rinsing it out. You will be left with nourished, smooth and untangled hair that looks perfect in it’s natural state.

It’s a cleansing hair mask for dandruff trouble

This hair mask contains a natural herb called Khongjai Napi which is known to balance and improve scalp health. It thoroughly cleanses and moisturises the uppermost layer of the scalp and reduces flakiness and dandruff.

It’s a revitalising hair mask for growth

The pea sprout extract in our hair mask recipe helps to reduce hair fall and it works from the root to revitalise the hair follicles and boost hair growth.

So you see, not only is our Fermented Rice Water Hair Mask the best hair mask for damaged hair, it is also a nourishing and rich concoction that is designed to suit the needs of every hair type!