A few weeks back, we participated in Soul Sante, one ofĀ  Bangaloreā€™s most loved markets that has peopleĀ coming in for music, food and stalls and also Blue Tokaiā€™s Christmas market. These seemed likeĀ ideal places for us to get the Birdsong brand and products out in public and meet with consumers face to face, an experience that is becoming increasingly rare for online D2C brands.

The experience was truely a revelation of kinds.


We had the opportunity to meet and speak to so many people- some very interested in our products, othersĀ chatted with us about their wellness journey and still others who said that the brand name and packaging just made them feel happy andĀ drew them to our stall!

We sold more products than we imagined we would, got new ideas on what people are looking for in natural wellness and a lot of positive affirmation that we were indeedĀ on the right path. The best learning however for us from this event was that perhaps the most essential preconditionĀ to wellbeing in theseĀ modern times is making meaningful human connections.

January 03, 2022 — Birdsong Life