What a ride it’s been for us! From just an interesting idea to actually seeing a brand develop that connects with people’s lives, one thing is for sure – there’s never been a dull day at the office! It’s been a tumultuous year for everyone and our experience has been no different. Often timelines towards our launch seemed like Zeno’s paradox- the closer we thought we were to completion, the further away we seemed to be. From working from home to formulating in our manufacturing facility to opening our office in July to launching our website in November, it’s thrilling to now finally meet and engage with customers.

For the initial pandemic-induced slow pace of doing business, the last few days have been bustling with activity, with our products being launched at Amazon, Amala Earth and Naturallyyouandme and Jaypore very soon. We were also at two christmas markets in Bangalore – Soul Sante and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters – the overwhelming response and support to our products and more importantly our philosophy and vision of natural wellness was very encouraging. It’s clear to us that people are looking to lead a life of wellbeing by being more in tune with their mind, body and nature.

We are excited, anxious and hopeful about what the future holds for us at Birdsong and looking forward to your feedback, support and love in this journey!

Wishing everyone happy holidays and Happy New Year ahead:)

Radhika & Deepak

Co- founders

December 25, 2021