Pain Relief Oil

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Also effective for menstrual cramps

Massage joint and muscular pain away instantly with a soothing blend of essential oils, in a convenient roll-on form.

Benefits of Pain Relief Oil:

  • Pain Relief
  • Anti Inflammatory, reduces pain from swelling cramps, and soreness
  • Can be used for any joint or musculoskeletal pain relief

    Lasts upto 20 days
    Net Content: 8 ml

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    • Apply pain relief oil on sore areas
    • Apply Pain Relief Oil on muscle aches


    The soothing sensation of a relaxing massage, combined with the heady concoction of essential oils is the perfect antidote to strained, aching muscles. To bring home that same feeling of relaxation and pain relief, we designed our all-natural Pain Relief Oil, blended in a classically Ayurvedic way.

    Made with medicinal herbs and oils and packaged in a convenient roll-on form, this oil is ideal to treat joint and muscular pain that may be caused due to inflammatory conditions, injury or overuse.


    Ancient Ayurvedic practices have long revered the benefits of essential oils and medicinal herbs to treat ailments, aches and pains. Diving into the same knowledge, and rediscovering the secrets hidden in ancient texts, we chanced upon the perfect ingredients that allowed us to formulate this potent, pain relief oil.

    The oil is designed to seep deep into the muscles and aid immediate relief in the affected area. Carefully measured, simmered to perfection and strained to reveal its pure goodness, our signature Pain Relief Oil will feel like the gentle touch of comfort on days when you want to do nothing but sit back and relax.


    Preservatives, Toxic chemicals or artificial ingredients

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    Ginoya Dharmendra

    Pain Relief Oil

    Pain Relief Oil Roll On - say goodbye to aches and pains

    If you, or anyone at home is struggling with joint or muscular pain, we would highly recommend trying our pain relief oil roll on. Designed in an easy-to-use roll on bottle, and made with medicinal herbs, this ayurvedic pain relief oil is all natural and provides deep action and quick relief.

    Our pain relief essential oil blend recipe has gone through a series of tests and experiments to ensure you get the best result. It contains herbs used in ancient ayurvedic practices such as Gulgul, Dashamoola and Turmeric which help relieve joint pain, reduce arthritis inflammation and swelling.

    You can use this pain relief oil for leg pain, back pain or neck pain. Simply apply it using the roll-on applicator and gently massage the area for a few minutes. Sit back and let the pain relief oil blend seep into the skin and muscles and you will begin to feel relief in no time.

    Can you use the pain relief essential oil blend for headaches?
    Yes, absolutely! Apply a little oil onto your temples and your forehead, and gently rub it into the skin with a light massage. Close your eyes and breathe in the aroma of the oil which also contributes to the pain relief action. You can use this pain relief oil at home everyday, to simply relax after a long day too.

    What can you do for relief from joint pain?
    Our pain relief oil helps arthritis patients too. All you need to do is apply it on the affected area and gently rub it into the body. You can perform this pain relief oil massage 2-3 times a day for faster relief from joint pains.

    What are the pain relief oil benefits?
    Given that our natural pain relief oil is made with medicinal herbs and essential oils, it is ideal to treat all kinds of body pain and aches that can occur due to inflammation, injury or overuse of muscles. When applied and combined with a gentle pain relief oil massage, it provides a soothing sensation and gives relief from deep pains, soreness and swelling.