Relaxation Oil Blend - Stress Relief Oil

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Soothing, mild aroma

Unwind and relax with a soothing relaxation blend of essential oils, in a convenient roll-on form.

Benefits of Relaxation Oil Blend:

  • Relaxes, calms and soothes
  • Can be used to combat and alleviate feelings of daily stress
  • Reduces tension in the body

Lasts upto 20 days
Net Content: 8 ml


• Available as a roll-on applicator, you simply need to swipe a little bit of this relaxation oil blend on your temples, and between the eyebrows (and a little on your wrist if you’d like) and let it seep into the skin naturally.

• Apply Roll On on your temples.
• Apply Roll On on your wrist.


On our journeys, we’ve often found that a nap enjoyed amidst nature is one of the best ways to relax. But since we can’t have that everyday, we developed the next best thing - a soothing relaxation oil blend, infused with the goodness of lavender, ylang-ylang and vetiver.

Available as a roll-on applicator, our relaxation aroma oil blend will help you wind down and relax, transporting you to the lap of nature. We recommend applying a little on your temples and forehead before bed to help you drift off into a restful, tranquil sleep.


Aromatherapy has a deep rooted history in many cultures of the world. Our Indian ancestors used oils like tulsi, neem and more; in other parts of the world, relaxation spa oils were extracted from the naturally occurring flora around. Each essential oil was used for its unique healing or soothing properties and the traditions were passed down through generations.

We remember when, as children, we scraped our knees or had headaches after a long day of school, a simple swipe of a natural essential oil and the loving touch of our grandmother’s hands was all we needed to feel better again. In today’s hectic times, we wanted to bring you the same solutions that we inherited to keep stress at bay. And that’s how our Stress Relief Oil was born - with all the goodness of nature… and nothing else.


Preservatives, Toxic chemicals or artificial ingredients

Stress Relief Oil - Relaxation Oil Blend